Biodynamic Winter Intensive

Since 1972, Hawthorne Valley Farm has been a working farm committed to the understanding and practice of Biodynamic® agriculture. As society attempts to cope with the turbulence caused by an industrial approach to agriculture, the biodynamic concept of the farm as an ecologically sustainable whole is one that can help bring a timely solution to contemporary challenges. Biodynamic methods recognize the importance of both human and biological community life and strive to bring renewing forces to both. Through this series of offerings, we seek to further the understanding and practice of Biodynamic farming and gardening.

Our Winter Intensive is a foundational, highly interactive one week program bringing together biodynamic farming, spiritual science and personal growth through awareness-based practice. It is held each year at Hawthorne Valley Farm for one week in mid-February, and is geared toward farmers, gardeners, and others seeking a renewed relation to the land. This course is offered in collaboration with The Nature Institute and the Biodynamic Association of North America.