Thank you for such wonderful summer!


Kids Can Cook, Field Camp and House Camp spent these summer days playing, cooking, crafting and working with friends and animals alike. We were joined by so many first-time campers, which made this summer at Hawthorne Valley extra special. And not just new campers, but lots of new life! A surprise clutch of baby chicks were hatched in our horse barn, two premature calves were born and subsequently bottle-fed by campers and staff alike, and two kittens joined our farm family, with future careers as mousers! All the baby animals were handled with gentleness and care, making their lives that much better as socialized and confident animals. Plus, who can resist playing with sweet, furry babies?! That’s a win-win!

We had a fantastic summer weather-wise, but when it did rain, it poured- literally! A few thunder storms rolled in and out of the valley, leaving in their wake inches of rain and some downed trees. Thankfully, the rain couldn’t dampen our campers’ spirits, and the earth seemed to drink it all up.

It is a true honor to do this work, and we are especially thankful to the summer camp staff who joined us for these beautiful weeks! Such creative, artistic, charismatic and passionate people seem to make their way to us every year, and we sure do thank our lucky stars that they do!

We hope you’ll join us next summer for more animal surprises, amazing food, sunshine, and friendship. Please come see us at this year’s Fall Festival to say hello and learn more about our summer camps!