A message from Betsy, Program and Field Camp Manager

Since its founding in 1973, Hawthorne Valley has welcomed thousands of children to the farm for class trips through their schools, and summer camp. This very space that so many of us now inhabit, with a bustling farm, busy farm store, and Waldorf school, was once a humble farm, with a farm house, hosting groups of students for short trips to long stays. My first trip to Hawthorne Valley Farm was in 1996, as the 5-year old baby sister to two brothers attending summer camp. A photo of me sitting in the Main House kitchen floor on drop-off day that summer sits on my parents’ mantelpiece. That was the inaugural summer of Field Camp – my eldest brother Thomas was part of the first group of Field Campers, and I have had the privilege to lead Field Camp for multiple summers, honoring that legacy. Read more.