Hawthorne Valley Farm is a nonprofit organization focused on educating students, adults, farmers, employees and customers about their connection to nature, the art of farming and the true origins of their food.

Our Place-Based Learning Center strives to create the right environment for awakening that knowledge. Learning arises out of the daily experience of life and work on the farm. This is a place for children and adults to discover that the earth is the ground of all life. The plants and animals are part of a special circle of friends, which includes the farmer and gardener. Through farm life experiences, children stretch boundaries and realize new capacities in themselves. Satisfaction and delight grow from simple pleasure shared deeply with friends. Hawthorne Valley invites everyone to seek the balanced sensitivity and wisdom of the farmer toward the natural environment that nourishes us.

We offer students of all ages lessons and experiences in how an active dialogue with Mother Nature and our Earth can create a prosperous, regenerative and living culture for future generations.

Since 1972, on-farm education has been an integral part of our work, and since that time, our Place-Based Learning Center has hosted more than 25,000 children through our Visiting Students Program and Summer Farm Camps.

Our programs help to develop the necessary skills for children, teenagers and adults to become self-motivated individuals with the ability to make healthy food choices; and provide the tools they need to build healthy communities.